Mentalism and hypnosis

Mentalism and hypnosis are closely related disciplines that explore the potential of the human mind, both in the art of thought manipulation and in deep relaxation and suggestion.

Learn new, unpublished techniques and skills first hand.

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Who is PMPP?

Bild von Rainer Mees

The Mees

Rainer Mees

As a renowned mental artist, hypnotist, and astute observer of people, Mees takes you on a journey of secrets, emotions, and deep human connections. Join him in places of magical thoughts, surprising insights, and inspiring stories. Follow him on an exploration into the unfathomable depths of your own mind and look beyond its boundaries.

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Bild von Jan Becker

Miracle maker

Jan Becker

His free thinking that breaks outdated rules and his dogma-free and artistic approach to hypnosis as a tool for unleashing pure creativity.

His magic follows a valuable premise: "everyone wants to be seen, heard and understood"!

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