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STRATA Mentalism Vol. 1

STRATA Mentalism Vol. 1

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Strata - A pure concept of mentalism

*Just the Bonus Section is worth the course price*

What to expect:

An three-hours, intensive conversation between the two masters of their craft, in which they will give you a personal insight into their ways of thinking and working. Jan Becker and Rainer Mees use concrete examples to explain how they develop their shows and routines, shape the narrative elements of their performances and express their personal convictions in their performances.

In the bonus section, the previously unreleased "The Gift" sequence is used as an example to show the emotional impact a single, carefully chosen line can have on an audience and how it can send them into a frenzy of emotion.

In summary, this conversation offers you an in-depth insight into the creative and philosophical work of two of the most experienced players on the mentalism scene, enriched with the knowledge and ideas of Thomas Heine, the grey eminence behind ParaLabs. This comprehensive dialogue adds up to 70 years of experience and offers an extraordinary opportunity to learn and be inspired at first hand.


Oh yes: there are no tricks. Maybe a handling or a reference. But no tricks.

But "The Gift" - a sequence that experience has shown to be priceless. Also known as the €100,000 sequence.

You will understand why you as a mental artist are a magical placebo.

You will understand that mentalism is more than a "branch of magic"

You will be a silent listener as Jan and Rainer talk unfiltered about all their approaches to the art of mentalism.
No more, but in no way less!


The entire course is included in German and English in 4K.


German Chapters:
Teil 1 - Einführung 02:34
Teil 2 - Persönlichkeit 18:48
Teil 3 - Zweck / Das "Warum" 16:14
Teil 4 - Das Spiel 20:57
Teil 5 - PMPP 22:47
Teil 6 - Der Glaube 30:24
Teil 7 - Gedanken zum Q&A 18:51
German Version: 2h 11min

English Chapters:
Part 1 - Introduction 00:52
Part 2 - Purpose Part 1 18:55
Part 3 - Purpose Part 2 11:39
Part 4 - Personality 13:12
Part 5 - Poetry 16:38
Part 6 - Playfulness 43:41
Part 7 - Practice 18:33
Part 8 - Believe in Magic 8:50
Part 9 - Bonus 48:03 (Will be available May 10., 12:00am Berlin Time UTC +2)
English Version: 3h 0min

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